“A list of all the cotton farmers who have committed suicide in the small village Kalamb, Yavatmal, India. Most of the women in the village are illiterate and unsure of what their rights are so they are getting help from the head of the village Vinod Kale. He is helping them to put together claims for the relief package that the government set up in result of the suicide crisis. This is a challenge as there are many loopholes in the system and people complain about the corruption of the government. The widows are entitled to receive up to 100,000 rupees (although this figure keeps varying depending on how much criticism the government is facing from the media) in compensation as long as the land was in the name of the deceased, the deceased was in debt when he took his life and that debt was the cause of the suicide. Out of 37 cases he has helped with over the last few years, only 3 have been successful.”

The Dying Fields by Lynda Laird (2/4)

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