“Standing before these trees, I think about the generations of bonsai masters who worked on them. I think about the idea of making something your life’s work, then passing it along to someone else to continue developing it.

It was once explained to me that one might visualize a river with bonsai trees floating down it. The bonsai masters on each side would wait patiently for the right tree to come along, pull it from the water, and begin work on it. When they passed, the tree would be sent down the river for the next master to work on it. That idea of letting go of authorship of your work, and of believing that a future will exist where someone will carry on with the maintenance and training of the tree gives me great hope and fills me with empathy for this work. That feeling, that reverence and that hope is why I am attracted to these trees and wanted to make this work.”

In Training by Stephen Voss (3/4)

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