“Each time I visited the museum, I walked around until I found a tree that I found interesting and settled in by it. I would always spend the first twenty minutes of my time writing about the tree. The writing served to sharpen my eye for what was before me and to clear out my mind a bit before getting into the photography. The writing usually began with a physical description of the tree – its shape, the texture of the bark, anything I found notable about it. After these making these observations, I would try to dig a bit deeper into what I found compelling about the tree, really forcing myself to spell it out. This writing often led to better, deeper insights about what I was after and how I wanted to approach the photos. After that, I would usually photograph the tree for somewhere between 2 and 4 hours, exploring different viewpoints and working through visual ideas, hoping I would arrive at an image that would express something of the tree and what it felt like to stand before it.”

In Training by Stephen Voss (2/4)

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