“I started the series at the end of 2012. This is nearly seventy years after the end of World War II (and the liberation of last Nazi concentration camps). Before starting taking portraits of ex-inmates the question was: What remnants of such a terrifying experience can be seen on the faces of old men and women after so many decades? How can you show the remains of memories or memories themselves? I deliberately decided not to use any kind of marks or objects directly associated with concentration camps, for example, numbers tattooed on hands of same ex-inmates, their KZ numbers from their clothes, documents etc. I was strictly interested in their faces, their presence, and some dull, tedious facts, like which concentration camp or camps they were interned in. As to say: That’s me, I was there, I saw things, I am here, sixty, seventy years later. There is no need to talk a lot. I thought this would be enough. I was just wondering how to exactly do this.”

Survivors by Goran Bertok (1/5)

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