“During my eternal study period I was touched by several media, had affairs with graphic design, and almost made a commitment to photography. However, collage was always there since the childhood addiction to destroy, oh, sorry, recreate! Once, desperate curiosity mixed with the cynical melancholy I had cravings to rip and tear! Collage is not the only way of expression, it’s more professional one and I still have lousy poems and painting to please my other sub-identities (visual artist is already quite a title itself and I have confining goose-bumps when called a collage artist)! So far I compose only manually, spontaneously and regularly. Collage technique is relatively fast to create and influence. It satisfies my rage for the result and allows me to comment on the languid drifting monotony of life and contribute to a vaccination from apathy!”

Power of Identity by Lita Poliakova (2/4)

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