“There is no specific casting agency that caters to my needs when it comes to selecting my type of models. I often resort to searching through social media, television or street casting. This was also the case with the beautiful Miriam. I first saw her as the star in a Dutch documentary where she told her story of what it’s like to live with albinism. Living with albinism not only means an absence of pigmentation in the skin and hair, but also impairment in vision. She finds herself navigating a world that is full of challenges and prejudice to overcome. Miriam is highly educated, ambitious and very strong spirited. We all fight our battles, but for with the difference being that she wears her vulnerability on the outside for all to see. The series ‘Nude’ explores the duality between the vulnerability and strength within oneself.”

Nude: Strength by Justine Tjallinks (3/5)

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